Thursday, March 3, 2011

삼일 운동 ( March 1st Movement Day) = No Work

( Burning Hepburn )

Seeing as though I had no work on Tuesday this week, I made sure to plan a full day of fun. This full day of fun started immediately after work on Monday. We finished up the winter semester, and went strait to Jurok, because it was Kasia's last night in Korea for quite awhile. We spend a fair amount of time celebrating and sending her off, but we didn't stay too late because we had morning plans for the next day.

Art Show

JC, Erik & I awoke and headed out to Yangjae to goto an art exhibit called Miracle Art. It turned out to be really awesome. It was in some sort of exhibition center and had tons of interactive art. All of the paintings on the wall were arranged and modified in away that let the observer participate in the art. You could pull subjects out of paintings, be the cause of painting destruction, or even become the subject of a painting. Pretty fun stuff. There was even a really big twenty part comic that you could take photos of yourself being the hero of the story.

( Miracle Art )

( JC inflating the Mona Lisa )

( Myself making Scream scream )

( JC is vacuuming up this painting )

( Erik is pulling a girl from this painting )

( Just finishing up my masterpiece )

( gross, but hilarious )

( Erik peeping )

( sorry, giant man )

( JC meeting his end )

( using a magical orb to kill a dragon )

( and the boss battle begins )

( delivering the final blow )

( tiny Erik )

( HUGE Erik )

( fishing for polar bears )

Sinchon: Yaletown

After the gallery, we took a subway ride out to Yaletown, a Canadian bar, in Sinchon. This is a place that I had gone to with Amarisse in the summer. I have always raved about their delicious burgers, poutine, and all-you-can-eat curly fries. JC and Erik were super stoked, because we basically starved ourselves all afternoon in preparation for this epic meal. Sadly, when we arrived, there was a sign on the door that said they were closed for some sort of vacation, and they wouldn't be open until five. This was a major letdown. I felt awful, because I build it up and let my friends down. I'm pretty sure that they understand that it wasn't my fault though. I even texted my friend who frequents the bar, and she had no idea that that was going to be the case. We eventually settled on Burger King. Boo.


After this we met up with Justin and Chelsea and began walking out to Hongdae. It's pretty close to Sinchon, so we decided to pick up some beers to drink on the walk and headed out. JC went back to Suwon, because he had plans with Katrina, but the new group of four was looking for a good time. The second we arrived in Hongdae, this man popped out of nowhere, toting a huge cart filled with big white mokguli bottles. He was awesome. He kept insisting that we purchase some of his product. He told us 3,000 won for one bottle, and we were considering it. Then, he jumped in and said he had a special price for us. 5,000 won for 3 bottles! Without an kind of agreement, he began to put the bottles in a bag and load it with a stack of cups. I gladly gave him 5,000, because I love mokguli, and we headed down to the park to look for new friends to share it with.

Turns out, there was some sort of book fair going on, and we found a spare table sitting there. What did we decide to do? Start a flippy cup game. We attracted some other expats and struck up a conversations. There were probably six or seven of them, and they were in town from Japan. They were Americans and Brits that study outside of Tokyo. They were a nice group of guys and gals. We chatted and drank for awhile, and eventually we parted ways. By this time, Calvin had made an arrival, so the group headed over to Shamrock & Roll for a little food. We ate kind of quickly, because Erik and I had plans to attend another punk show. We split off the group, leaving them to do whatever they wished and hopped in a cab to watch some more music at Liveclub Ssam.

( mokguli man )

( Justin, Erik, Chelsea & the cart )

( flippy cup practice )

( new friend 1 )

( new friends 2 & 3 )

( new friends 3 & 4 )

( new friends 5, 2 & 6 )

( new friend 7 )

( Erik sharing insight )

Punk Show

This punk show was a little more aggressive than the last one. There were far fewer people there this time, but the people that were there, were willing the throw down. I left last Saturday feeling pretty sore, and with an aching jaw from taking one of Erik's elbows, but after this show my body was shot, and I was left with a black eye. There were four bands on the bill: The Swindlers, The Strikers, Burning Hepburn & RUX.

We missed most of The Swindlers, because we were too busy eating, but they seemed alright. The guys played tough enough music, and they were sporting leather studded jackets, dyed hair & mohawks. Hadn't seen that in awhile, so it was pretty cool.

( The Swindlers )

( The Swindlers )

The second band was one that I had high expectations for. They were called The Strikers. I watched a few videos and pretty pumped about there poppy skate punk, but it just wasn't for me. Wasn't bad music, but as stated, not for me.

( The Strikers )

( The Strikers )

The third band was a ska punk band, called Burning Hepburn. These guys were pretty tight, and the pit was amazing. Everybody was into it, and Erik still claims that I accidentally broke somebody's nose. I don't believe him, but he swears he saw it. But it wasn't the kind of crowd that gets angry about that sort of thing. I'm pretty sure they just expect it. Such a different atmosphere than last time.

( Burning Hepburn )

( Burning Hepburn )

The last band of the night was RUX. These guys were pretty tough. I enjoyed them a great deal. Actually, the lead singer is the guy that drew up Erik's "failed" leg tattoos. I had no idea he was the singer for a band. You learn new things all the time. This part of the night seemed to drag. They were fun to watch, but by the time they played their third or fourth encore, Erik and I ready to take off. We actually managed to make it home by 11pm. Amazing day off.

( RUX )

( RUX )

( RUX )

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