Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dog Cafe in Gangnam - 카페포우즈 [Caffe Pawz]

카페포우즈 [Caffe Pawz]
2014.01.12 @ Gangnam

Alyssa tracked down a dog cafe for us to go to. I'd been to a couple cat cafes, but this was my first for dogs. It was a much more enjoyable experience, mostly because I'm not a fan of cats. Plus, this plays was more like a dog park. Most of the dogs there were brought by their owners, but they just run around for you to play with them. I would definitely suggest visiting if you have the chance. The only rule is that you must buy a coffee to hang out, and the coffee is reasonably priced, unlike the cat cafes I've been to where you pay five or six thousand won for a cup.

( Alyssa )

( Celia )

( Alyssa )

( CJ was the most popular, because he bought a bag of treats. )

( That beagle was unfriendly to everyone except CJ. )

( Celia, Alyssa & CJ )

( Selfie with a dog )

( Celia with a couple of puppies )

( This dog was goofy looking. )

( So popular )

( This dog liked to chill. )

( There were very few big dogs, but this one hung out for awhile. )

( The corgi was pretty hard to wrangle. )

( Celia was about to steal that dog on the left. )

( That's just me. )

How to get to Caffe Pawz [카페포우즈]:
Gangnam Station [강남역] (Seoul Subway Line 2 & Shinbundang [신분당 Line) - Exit 4
Follow this map.
Caffe Pawz

photo (2)
( This is what it looks like. )

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