Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thailand - Part 3 (Bangkok: Khao San Road)

Bangkok - Bucket
( Partying on Khoa San Road )

Bangkok... again

The last two night of my trip were spent in Bangkok. I was pretty burnt out on sightseeing, so I just ate and drank for the last two days of my trip. The camera didn't even come out much. I stayed near Khoa San Road, which is the backpackers' district. I met lots of fun people and had a good time just hanging out. I even met a fellow teacher from South Korea, Ricki. I've seen her a few times in Seoul since. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of her, but making that friend was a highlight of the trip.

On my last evening in Bangkok, we went out pretty hard. I ended up getting lost and a tuk tuk driver dropped me off in the middle of all the protests. At that time, it was a relatively peaceful protest. Luckily, I got out before it became violent.

( Hai Yen is an awesome chick from England. She had just gotten a pretty rad traditional Thai bamboo tattoo. I wish I had a photo, but don't. )

( I'm pretty sure this guys name is Patrick. )

( Hai Yen )

( I met Grace right when I arrived. She's another teacher, but she teaches in Saudi Arabia. )

( Looking back, I kind of miss having that beard. AND I definitely miss that hat. It blew off my head during my tuk tuk ride to the airport the next morning. ㅜㅜ )

( That girl had spunk! )

( I wish I remembered this guys name. What I do remember is that he was much larger than me, but much younger than me. During that outing, we were all at a dance club, and while he was dancing on the stage, he accidentally dropped an entire bucket of fruity drink on me. My entire right side was wet and sticky from shoulder to knee. )

( I harbor no resentment. He was a cool guy. )

( Myself )

( Grace, Hai Yen, myself, and this other dude. I also don't remember his name, but he was causing some drama because a different Australian dude didn't respect the type of Australian he was. That's the best I can explain the situation. I didn't completely understand it. )

( Patrick, again. )

( Myself )

( Hai Yen & Patrick )

bangkok - scorpion
( As mentioned in the previous post, Scott and I ended up staying at the same hostel in Bangkok, so we tore up the town with Grace. That evening, we ate scorpions, I solved a Rubic's cube under three minutes to win a free hamburger, and... )

photo (1)
( we met the coolest mother, daughter traveling companions ever. This is me with Sammy Bish and her mother. We had so much fun at this bar with a live cover band. We danced a lot. [Sorry for the iPhone quality photo.] )

How to get to Khao San Road:
Go to Bangkok. Get in a tuk tuk and say, "Khao San Road."

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