Monday, March 24, 2014

Dos Tacos - Gangnam [강남]

( Chicken & Fajita Burrito with Nachos & Guacamole )

Dos Tacos - Seoul Mexican Food
2014/03/08 @ 강남 [Gangnam]

Many weekend afternoons are spent eating Mexican food in Gangnam. I usually choose Dos Tacos, because their burritos are excellent. You can get most Mexican food you're craving here. Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, horchata, and much more. On this particular Saturday, I went into Gangnam with Alyssa to help her plan her pal's trip to Seoul. Then, she was kind enough to treat ME to Mexican food. Totally worth it.

( Those parrots are Mexican )

( MENU )

( Signage )

( Alyssa )

( More decor )

( She ordered fish tacos. )

( She claimed that they were quite tasty. )

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How to get to Dos Tacos:
Gangnam Station [강남역] (Seoul Subway Line 2) - Exit 10
Walk straight out of Exit 10 for about ten minutes. You'll see a Frisbee [Apple Store] on your left. Turn right before the store down the alley, and you'll see Dos Tacos on the right. Also, you can follow this map.

Dos Tacos Directions

gangnam dos tacos 2
( Photo courtesy of YE kwon, creator of Dear Blog. )

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