Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Camping Like [캠핑라이크]

( 캠핑라이크 )

Galbi in Lawn Chairs
2014.02.23 @ 북수원 [North Suwon]

About a month ago, 해나 [Haena] took me out to a restaurant in 파장동 [Pajang-dong]. Because she lives over in that neighborhood, she is much more knowledgable about what's out there. She took me to Camping Like. This place was incredible. It is set up like a camp site; there are lawn chairs, tents, and legit grills in the place. They even provide you with Kingsford charcoal to cook your food. It is some of the best 갈비 [galbi] I've ever had. Also, if you call in two hours in advance, they will cook you a beer can chicken [비어캔치킨]. Maybe next time.

( CJ )

( The grills and the charcoal )

( We got 삼겹살 [Samgyeopsal] & 새우 [Shrimp] )

( I was doing some cooking. )

( CJ & I like to take turns. )

( The big shrimp were pretty tasty. )

( I just love the spread that always comes with 갈비 [galbi]. )

( We were still hungry, so we ordered some 갈비살 [Galbi-sal]. )

Sungkyunkwan University Station [성균관대역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 1
If you want more specific directions, you can email me, but I would suggest showing this map to a taxi driver. It should get you there.

Camping Like Directions

Camping Like
( Photo courtesy of Winter Story. )

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