Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Beat Generation - A Video by CJ Houston

The Beat Generation

I'll be featuring CJ Houston's videos every Saturday for awhile. This video was primarily shot on New Year's Eve in 강남 [Gangnam] at Whiskey Weasel. There's a lot of head-strapped GoPro footage that's super entertaining. It was cut together nicely to show the fun we usually have in Seoul.

(For more Korea videos, check out CJ's YouTube Channel or visit my YouTube Channel. )

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How to get to Whiskey Weasel:
Gangnam Station [강남역] (Seoul Subway Line 2) - Exit 9
Go out exit 9 and turn right. Walk for about 7 or 8 minutes, and you'll see Jaws [죠스], a tteokbokki restaurant on your left. It's above that. You can also follow this map.

Whiskey Weasel Directions
( Follow this map. It's pretty easy. )

Whiskey Weasel
( This is what the building looks like. )

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