Monday, March 31, 2014

마포갈매기 [Mapo Galmaegi] in Suwon


마포갈매기 - The Egg Ring Joint
2014/03/15 @ 북수원 [North Suwon]

In our little seedy district near home (파장동 [Pajang-dong]), there is a wide array of food and interesting night locations. We have come to fondly call this restaurant the Egg Ring Joint, because around the grill, there is a little lip that they pour an egg mixture into. It's excellent, because you can simply eat your meat and, at the same time, munch on some eggs. Another added bonus to this restaurant is that they have the best kimchi, and it's served with tofu. Perfect combo.

( 반찬 [sides] )

( CJ was happy to be there. )

( Snackin' & cookin' go hand in hand. )

( The restaurant )

( Some empty booths )

( A spoonful of egg and kimchi )

( The "spicy" 마포갈비 )

( Going for drinks after. )

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How to get to 마포갈매기:
Sungkyunkwan University Station [성균관대역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 1
Go out exit 1 and show the taxi driver this map.

마포갈매기 Directions


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