Monday, March 17, 2014

Celia's Last Night in Suwon

Celia's time is dwindling
2014/02/27 @ 북수원 [North Suwon]

As Celia's time in Korea was nearing an end, we had just finished our Winter Term at Lykeion. We went out for our traditional Friday night dinner followed by drinks at a local bar. We went to our normal 고깃집 [meat house] to have the usual, 안창살 [thinly sliced beef] and 되지왕갈비 [king pig galbi]. It was as wonderful as always. Plus, the restaurant owner is the sweetest lady. She always runs up to me and says, "동호 안녕하세요!" ["(My Korean name)Dong-ho, hello!"] After eating and having a beer, we headed over to 주락 for some more drinks. After a couple hours of drinks and darts, Leo, one of the bar owners, asked if it would be alright to leave us at the bar for twenty minutes while he took is wife home. We obviously said that it would be just fine. I plugged in my iPhone, we listened to great music, and had a little fun behind the bar. We didn't steal anything, of course, but we had to take the opportunity for some silly photos.

( CJ )

( 되지왕갈비 )

( Celia )

( TJ, CJ & Celia )

( Nathan )

( Wyatt, Russell & Nathan )

( Celia )

( MAGIC! One became two. )

( Dominance )

( I'm never too excited about tequila. )

( I know it doesn't look it, but I was more excited about the whiskey. )

( See! That's a happy guy. )

( Whoops. I accidentally poured this in her eye. Sorry, Celia. )

( Wyatt was the drunk barkeep. )

( I guess it was fighin' time. )

( She struck back... obviously. )

( This is what we were protecting in Leo's absence. )

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How to get to 주락 [Jurak] or our 고깃집 [meat house] in 북수원 [North Suwon]:
Hwaseo Station [화서역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 1
Exit the station and get in a taxi. Tell them to take you to 마라도횟집 [Marado Raw Fish Restaurant] in 정자동 [Jeongja-dong]. 

This should get you there. It means, "Take me to Jeongja-dong Marado Raw Fish Restaurant, please."
"정자동 마라도횟집에 가주세요." [Marado hwayt jip kajuseyo.].

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.51.20 PM
( Here's a map. )

photo 1
( This is the 마라도 [Marado] building. )

photo 2
( That door on the bottom right leads to a stairwell. 주락 [Jurak] is on the second floor at the end of the hall. )

photo 3
( That white restaurant [마포구이촌] is our meat house. )

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