Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June Bugs are Great Entertainment

As mentioned in my last post. There was a lot of this going on the other night. It is just silliness, but I wanted to share it.

Hunting for June Bugs from Spenser Ford on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mass Iowa Photo Post

Iowa City [Daytime] 
( 5/19/2011 @ I-80, The Mill & Fair Grounds)

Brodie & I left for Des Moines around 10am and enjoyed a nice drive down I-80 out to Iowa City. When we arrived, we went for a nice long scooter ride. When he was filling up the scoot, I snuck into the store to buy a couple of beers for the reservoir. After the scenic scooting out to the res, we relaxed and had a couple bud lights out of plastic bottles. I scooted for a little bit, which was really nice. It's been too long since I've been on a two-wheeled vehicle.

After the scoot ride, we met with Wendy & Thomas for food and drinks at the Mill. We proceeded down to the skate shop so that I could get new wheels and bearing for my skateboards. After a little relaxation and video games we headed out for a night of drinking. We had a few drinks at Old Capital Brew Works ( The Public House ). This was really nice, because I got to see a whole bunch of people I didn't expect to see. A couple jager bombs with Thomas later, we ended up at the Vine. I was lucky enough to see all my old favorite telefunders there. This was followed by pizza at Falbos and afterhours at Ms. Daniels apartment. It was a nice way to do Iowa City.

( Brodie at a rest area )

( Scenic scooter ride )

( Scenic scooter ride )

( The Res )

( Strange fish skeleton )

( Myself & Brodie )

( Riding the Stella )

( Iowa City )

( Brodie at the Mill )

( Wendy at the Mill )

( Thomas at the Mill )

( Myself & Thomas )

( Brodie & Thomas )

( Wendy )

( Thomas )

Iowa City [Nighttime]
( 5/19/2011 @ The Public House & The Vine )

( Pat & Bryce )

( Wendy & Sam )

( Keri & Thomas )

( Myself & Robin )

( Myself & Kellie )

( Danekas & Kylie )

( Group shot )

( Brodie, Thomas & Wendy at Falbos )

Family Dinner
( 5/20/2011 @ Centro )

We were going to have dinner at my sister's place, but opted for dinner out. We still visited my sister and Yahrmaan's new house, which was really nice. Then we went for dinner at Centro and had some delicious food. It has been really good to see the family. Penley is so much bigger and getting extremely fun. We just enjoyed ourselves and took a few photos.

( Darcy & Penley )

( Penley & mother )

( Yahrmaan & Kristen )

( Pop, Penley & Yahrmaan )

( Family photo )

Hanging with the New Bodies
( 5/20/2011 @ Adam & Chris' Place )

After dinner, I headed out to Adam and Chris' new place. We were going to play some music, but instead we just drank some PBR and played catch up. I made them all try soju; the general opinion wasn't too negative. There were so many june bugs out that night, and we had a lot of fun slapping them out of the air. At some point, Chris decided it would be fun to catch them and put them in his pocket. I think that at on time, he had about six in there. It was pretty ridiculous. Chris & I also mastered the art of throwing skittles into each other's mouths. By mastered, I mean we did it one time, and were super happy with ourselves. Though we didn't play music this night, we got together the next night and had a bit of a jam session. That was really refreshing. It's been a very long time since I've play anything electric, let alone played anything with people. These are some of my favorite people, and I think we did it up the right way. It was really good to see Avalan & April too.

( Thomas, April & Chris )

( April & Chris )

( Chris putting june bugs in his pocket )

( Chris, April & Adam )

( Avalan & Chris )

Cliff & Michelle's Wedding
( 5/21/2011 @ Simon Estes Amphitheater )

This outdoor wedding ran a threat to being cancelled due to rain, but these two wouldn't let it stop them. Even though the weather was kind of miserable, the wedding was still wonderful. It was really nice to be included in this wedding, and to have it fall on a day when I happened to be in Iowa. Michelle is one of my oldest friends, I couldn't have imagined missing this day.

I'm so happy for the two of them. I've known them together from the beginning, and it makes perfect sense.

( Cliff )

( Brandon with his bride's maid )

( Michelle & her father )

( Michelle & Cliff )

( the kiss )

( Cliff carrying Michelle )

( Myself with the bride & groom )

Downtown Des Moines
( 5/21/2011 @ The Lift )

My last night in Iowa was spent playing music with friends, having drinks with my sister at Star Bar, and hanging out downtown and around until the sun came up. We had drinks at the lift, we chatted at Fong's, we danced at Liar's club, I played catch up with Nikki & I drove around as the sun was rising with Wendy. After this long night of no sleep, I eventually dragged myself onto a plane. The flights went quickly, and before I knew it I was back home in Korea.

( Myself & Melanie )

( Josh & Bonnie )

( Brodie & Myself )

( Thomas )

( Thai, Sarah & Brodie )

( Wendy )

( Bar Close )

( Thai )

It was a great trip. 
Everybody, thanks for making it a wonderful week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Steve Zissou

I finally made it in for a little more tattoo work. I'm to tired to write too much tonight, but here is a first look at my new work. I'm quite pleased. If you like any of my tattoos you should contact Adam Clark at Bigfoot Tattoo in Urbandale, Iowa. He does a great job and has done all of my tattoos.

( my attempt to show you all sides )

( a little more arm )

( almost the whole thing )