Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Maynes

( Grandma Maynes )

Yesterday, the plan was to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins. We didn't actually leave until about four o'clock, so I spent the afternoon with Brodie doing some shopping for all of my beloved coworkers. Therefore, if you were one of the people who put something on my shopping list, it is now in my suitcase, with the exception of Reese's. The bags were far to small and simply wouldn't do. I'm going to try to goto Sam's club later in the week to do it right, so be prepared, Justin & Calvin, for some candy overload. Side note, Erik, you make me look really strange for buying your items. I checked out with a pack of large v-necks, lysine, abreva, vitamins and four sticks of deodorant, and the guy just kind of eyed me. Either way, that part of my trip is pretty much over.

( Farmer Spenser )

After shopping, I hurried home to pick up some stuff and head down to Lenox for a bit of a family reunion. It was about an hour and a half drive down to the grandparent's house, and it was a really nice drive. I rode down with my aunt Darcy and spent the majority of the trip blowing her mind talking about food and the party scene in Seoul and Korea. We ate Casey's pizza, which was superb. And yeah, that was day three of eating pizza, but I've loved it every single time. I was lucky enough to see the majority of the Maynes family yesterday, which I wasn't sure was going to happen. Towards the end of day, Kristen & I were tearing through old photos of the Maynes family. I saw pictures of my mom as a young girl, and it was really exciting. I hadn't really seen any of them.

We headed home around nine thirty, and as soon as I arrived, I headed out in my dad's Jeep to meet up with Brodie and Wendy for a few beers in Grimes. Apparently, all two bars in Grimes close at midnight on weeknights. Bummer. Wendy headed home, and Brodie & I drank tall boys in a parking lot, smoked some cigarettes, and played catch up with girls and life. As soon as we were done, I headed home, listening to Dashboard Confessional & The Weakerthans with the windows down and the wind in my hair. I hadn't felt that nostalgic in a very long time. It was nice.

Maynes Farm

( Penley & my pop )

( The Maynes Homestead )

( midwestern sunset )

( I played too many games of basketball with the hoop growing up. )

( my ride )

( Keith, Trey, Danette, Haley & Parker )

( Penley captivated by Howl's Moving Castle )

( Ma & Cayla )

( Penley )

( Penley & Ma )

( Darcy )

( Grandpa Maynes )

( Penley & Makayla )

Old Photos

( The family circa '87 )

( The Family circa '89 ) 

( Young Cindy )

( Young Mother [I took this photo home] )

( Maynes family, pre Keith, Darcy & Nick [my mom's in the front] )

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