Monday, August 20, 2012

Itaewon with East Siders

Sunday evening in Itaewon
08/12/2012 @ 이태원 [Itaewon]

Last weekend, on Sunday evening, 안나 [Anna] & I went out to 이태원 to meet up with 소리 [Sori] & Erik. We started the night with some Thai food. It was a surprisingly large amount of food, but the majority of it was still consumed. Erik has the capability of being a human garbage disposal. Just toss whatever you don't want his way, and it simply disappears. AMAZING. After food, we were thinking about finding a nice hookah bar, but we didn't know of any that didn't have time limits, so we just settled for beers at Sam Ryan's. It was super pleasant!

( Erik )

( 안나 & myself )

( 소리 )

How to get to Sam Ryan's:
Itaewon Station [이태원역] (Seoul Subway Line 6) - Exit 1
Walk straight out the exit and take a right turn at your first possible alley; it's right after KFC. Walk up the little hill and take a left at the "T" intersection. Walk to the first intersection, and Sam Ryan's is on your right side, after the intersection.

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