Friday, April 11, 2014

Preseason Baseball


A week early for KBO
2014/03/23 @ Jamsil Sports Complex [잠실종합운동장]

After an afternoon of hockey, Alyssa, Ryan and I headed over to watch some free baseball. All of the preseason games are completely free, so that was a definite plus. This game was LG vs. Kia, and LG pulled out the win by one point. You can expect a lot more baseball posts, because the season is now in full swing. I'm going out to Jamsil on Saturday to hopefully see LG put NC in their place.

( Ryan )

( Ryan & Alyssa )

( A look at the stadium )

( The stadium was almost as full as it was last year for LG vs. Samsung. )

( cute? )

( Proof that I can take a selfie with my camera )

( Baseball is serious business. )

( Baseball means Cass )

( Weekend Pals )

( Alyssa's coworker, 보름 [boreum], came. )

( Ryan, Alyssa & 보름 )

( Another group shot )

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How to get to Jamsil Sports Complex [잠실종합운동장]
Jamsil Sports Complex Station [잠실종합운동장역] (Seoul Subway Line 2) - Exit 5 or 6
Walk out of exit 5 or 6, and the stadium will be right in front of you. If you turn left and walk around towards the back of the stadium, you will find a much more chill ticket booth that rarely has a line. Outfield tickets are 8,000 won. It's really the best way to go, unless you buy in advance and sit behind the cheerleaders.

Jamsil Stadium Directions

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