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Parents in Korea - Day 6 (DMZ)


Parents in Korea - Day 6
2014.05.15 @ DMZ / North Korea

I totally paid for a trip to the DMZ three years ago and made the mistake of staying out way to late the night before; therefore, I overslept and missed the trip. My parents' trip was the perfect opportunity to actually take the tour. It was a great trip, and I would suggest it for anyone. We booked through the USO using the Koridoor program. The trip started with a view into North Korea from the Dorasan Observatory. Next, we went to the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel; it was great, but only once. It's a hike down and back up again. We also, went to 도라산역 [Dorasan Station], which is a fully functioning train station, equipped with immigration, ready for when and if the two Koreas become one again. After that, we went to the Joint Security Area [JSA], and this is where we were able to walk into North Korea for a brief moment. For the remainder of the trip, we went to a few more spots, like a viewpoint to see the North Korean propaganda village of 기정동 [Gijeong-dong] and the South Korean village of 애성동, both of which are within the DMZ. We also so the Bridge of No Return and the sight of the Axe Murder Incident. Great trip.

( 도라산 [Dorasan] Observatory )

( Statues )

( Wood Sculptures )

( Third Infiltration Tunnel. [Camera weren't allowed in the tunnel] )

( 도라산역 [Dorasan Station] )

( Inside 도라산역 [Dorasan Station] )

( DMZ Train )

( Pop's pizza box photo )

( Distance to 평양 [Pyeongyang] )

( 도라산역 )

( JSA )

( That's the building we went into and where we were able to enter North Korea. )

( DMZ ROK Soldier )

( I don't look nearly as tough as he does. )

( Parents )

( Propaganda Village of 기정동 [Gijeong-dong] )

( Those white posts mark the Military Demarcation Line, the actual border between North and South Korea. )

( Bridge of No Return, where the prisoner exchange occurred after the war )

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How to get to The DMZ:
Visit the USO Koridoor website and book a trip.

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