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개고기 [Dog Meat]


개고기 [Dog Meat]
2014.09.06 @ 수원 [Suwon]

I know that this topic can be touchy for some, but our old coworker Abel took us out for 개고기 over the 추석 [Chuseok] holiday. There's a little restaurant behind the bell in Hwaseong Fortress. Tristan and CJ came with us. We had steamed dog with veggies and dog stew. The steamed stuff was a little fatty, but the stew was incredible.

( Tristan )

( The stew )

( CJ )

( Abel and myself )

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 화로구이 [samgyeopsal]       Paldalmun Market             Gyeongbokgung           Suwon Hwaseong

Hwaseo Station [화서역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 1
Go out Exit 1 and hail a taxi. It shouldn't be more than 5,000 won. Tell the taxi driver "Janganmun-e kajuseyo." / "장안문에 가주세요." If the weather is nice, you could definitely make the walk. Once you're there, you'll see the big bell. It's right behind that.

Hwaseong Fortress

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