Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Boramae Park [보라매 공원]

Boramae Park [보라매 공원]
2015.03.21 @ Boramae Park [보라매 공원]

Andy used to live out near Boramae, so he likes to make a trip out there every so often. We went out to the park, drank some beers, watched people at the skate park, and debated about rock climbing. The park was full of people, and we had a fun time hanging out and relaxing. Also, Andy took us all to his favorite jae-yuk bokkeum [재육볶음] restaurant.

( Ben )

( Andy & Cory )

( CJ )

( Tristan )

( CJ & Erik )

( Andy )

( Tristan )

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How to get to Boramae Park [보라매 공원]:
Boramae Station [보라매역] (Seoul Subway Line 7) - Exit 3
Exit the station follow the signs to the park. Refer to the map below.

Boramae Directions

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