Thursday, September 17, 2015

Arigato Momma - Ramen in Suwon [수원]


Arigato Momma - A Ramen Shop in Buk-Suwon [북수원]
2015.07.05 @ 북수원 한일타운 [Hanil Town, Buk-Suwon]

Lately, I've been going on really long walks, and this has aided in the discovery of some new restaurants and locations around Suwon. I'd heard about Arigato Momma from a few other friends, but I'd never been able to find it. It's a Japanese ramen restaurant about a fifteen minute walk from my house. It wasn't my favorite ramen, but it definitely did the job of satisfying my ramen craving.

( Ramen & Beer)

( This shelving was modeled after the Osaka subway system. )

( Summer Menu )






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How to get Arigato Momma:
Hwaseo Station [화서역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 1
Go out exit 1 and follow this map, or you can take a taxi to KT Wiz Park. You can tell a taxi driver this. "Suwon KT Wiz Park ka-ju-se-yo." "수원 KT 위즈 파크 가주세요." It's across the street from KT Wiz Park.

Arigato Momma Directions

( This is what the restaurant looks like. It's on the 2nd floor. )

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