Thursday, November 26, 2015

Yongma Land #2 [용마랜드]


My Second Visit to Seoul's Abandoned Amusement Park
2015.09.13 @ 용마랜드 [Yongma Land in Seoul]

I went out to Yongma Land last year with some friends, but I decided to make another trek out to explore Seoul's abandoned amusement park. This site is what remains of a once brightly lit fun land. Now, the rides and attractions are collecting rust and pose as the backdrop for wedding photos and music videos. This trip was the location for a date I went on with Patty. I was a little more focused on her than photographing the scenery. I left the park with some really great memories and a few photos. Enjoy.

( Patty & I climbed up to the top of the Viking ride, but I completely forgot to take an photos from the top. I'll be returning soon, so maybe, I'll remember to take pictures next time. )

( Patty, settling in for a ride )

( This ride looks like a fun one to tumble around in, but it is, in fact, home to one of Korea's largest and most terrifying spiders. )

( Last time we were at this amusement park, this ride was a fun one to spin around. I told Patty all about it, but I unfortunately embarrassed myself when I was unable to budge the contraption. )

( Exploring )

( The carousel is definitely one of the highlights. )

( Patty )

( A friendly creature )

( Patty, the pianist )

( A sad little Rudolph  )

( Pirate )

( ; 디스코팡팡 ; )

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How to get to Yongma Land [용마 랜드]:
Mangu Station [망우역] (Seoul Subway Gyeongchun Line / Jungang Line [경춘선 / 중앙선) - Exit 1
Exit the station and weave through the streets towards the mountains. Refer to the map below.

Yongma Land Directions 2

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