Sunday, April 10, 2011

A slightly milder weekend


As soon as we finished work on Friday, Erik & I came home and ate dinner. After satisfying our hunger we headed out for a little skate session.  Not five minutes after we started, we were confronted by a cop who tried to tell us in Korean that we should be skating at Manseok Park. I tried to explain to him that it had closed like 5 hours ago. He eventually walked down the street, so we skated over to an empty fountain that we have found quite nice to skate on. After a few beers, I was lucky enough to see Erik fall way too many times. He was having a rough session, but we really enjoyed ourselves. We even took a break after a couple hours to have a beer at Jurok. We had one, skated some more, then called it a night.

Itaewon & Noksapyeong ( 이태원 & 녹사평 )

The next day, we got a little bit of a late start, but by about 1pm Erik & I were on a bus headed for Seoul to do some skating and general hanging. We first headed into Itaewon to hunt for skate shoes. I ran into a problem that I never thought I'd face. My feet are too big for any of the skate shoes. It was a bummer, but eventually I swung by an ABC Mart and picked up some big, padded Vans. After my first failed attempt at shoe shopping, we met up with JC & Katrina who were book shopping at What the Book.

The group then hoofed it out to Noksapyeong to have dinner at Indigo. That places has the best Basil Chicken Mozzarella sandwich. So delicious. We actually ended up sitting there having a number of beers for quite some time. It was a really fun way to spend a Friday evening. Sori actually came to hang out too. Also, almost forgot to mention that Justin came out for a few beers too. It was a really good group. Before departing, we decided to try out a pizza place that we'd all seen and never tried, Pizzarium. The pizza was alright,  but not the best. I want to go back and try another one. After doing a bit of skating, eating & drinking, we headed out to Myeongdong and did some light shopping. That's where I found my shoes. I was actually in bed by 11pm yesterday. That's a first in a long time for me on a weekend.

( JC & Katrina )

( half of my amazing sandwich )

( Erik )

( Justin )

( the decor in Indigo )

( Sori & Katrina )

( Pizza Menu )

( The choices )

( Justin, Katrina & JC )

( more pizza )

( Pizzarium )

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