Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vacation Confirmed

I just purchased a ticket to visit the States in about a month. I am having all sorts of different feelings right now. I'm definitely excited. I'm super stoked to see my family and friends, but I'm also a little nervous to see America. I think that it will seem quite strange; I've just become so very accustomed to the way things are done over here, in Korea. I think that hearing everybody speak in English will just jumble my brain a little. I don't have to deal with understanding people and thinking about their conversations in Korean. Meh. When it really comes down to it, I'm getting really jacked about this trip. I'll eat lots of pizza... GOOD pizza. See some music, hopefully. Spend a day or two in Iowa City. Pretty much do all of the things I used to love to do in Iowa.

Side note, I got a haircut yesterday. The lady cutting my hair had very little English, so she had one of the other stylists hanging with her. One was cutting, and the other was using a sponge to sweep off stray hairs on my face. They were working together to cut my hair and work out whatever possible phrases they could in English. The really liked my hair; they kept telling me the the chocolate brown color was beautiful and the wavy texture was great. All of this hair admiration led to a really long haircut; long enough that I had to leave before it was finished, in order to teach my class. I'm trying my best to make my half finished haircut look alright. I'll definitely go back on Monday to have it finished.

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