Friday, October 28, 2011

Calvin's Final Quiz

[ Calvin ]

Quiz Night
[ 10/27/2011 - 수원 (Suwon) ]

Last night, I went out to the Big Chill for Calvin Kohlbacher's final quiz before leaving for the States in December. I really appreciate the time and effort he puts into these things. You can tell that he does a shit-load of work crafting his questions. Hats off.

This event was a reminder that things are about the change around the work place. Calvin and Erik are both going to be leaving Avalon on December 9th. It's kind of a sad thought. I'm sure that things will remain great; I will still be working with a great group of people. All I know is that there will be one person replacing two great people in December, and he/she sure as hell has a lot to live up to. Good luck future friend!

[ Harry & Paul ]

[ Justin & Connor ]

[ Kasia ]

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