Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coffee Lab & Carpe Diem Directions

Coffee Lab

This is a fantastic cafe. The decor is very pleasant, and the coffee is wonderful. I go there a couple times a month to buy freshly roasted coffee. It can tend to be a little expensive, but if get takeout, it's pretty cheap; they give a 2,000won discount. It's a great place to read and relax, and it's also great to sit outside and drink coffee on cooler days. They have heated chairs outside.

Coffee Lab Take-out
(Told you so.)

Coffee Lab inside
(They offer a variety of blends.)

Coffee Lab inside 2
(They recently changed the ceiling.)

Coffee Lab inside 3
(The baristas look so professional, too.)

Coffee Lab inside 4
(Again, told you so.)

Carpe Diem

This is another great cafe. The draw for me is completely different. It is a much brighter locale. They have big windows that make it a pleasant place to hang out at when the weather is good. They open up the windows and let the sounds from the street come in. The interior is decorated with books, CDs, photos, old objects, and instruments. There's lots to look at. The biggest reason I go is for the cheap draft beer. Most cafes in Hongdae charge at least 5,000won for only a bottle of beer. You can get a 500cc Draft Beer for only 3,000won. Go, drink, enjoy.

Carpe Diem
(Carpe Diem)

Carpe Diem inside
(A taste of what's inside.)

Carpe Diem inside 2
(The also give free cheese balls when you order beer. Strange, but pleasant.)

Follow these instructions to get to either of these great cafes. They are quite close to one another. If you are going to Carpe Diem, follow these instructions until you reach that location. If you are going to Coffee Lab, continue following the directions after Carpe Diem. Pretty simple. Good luck!

(Take Seoul Subway Line 2 to to Hongdae Station [홍대임구역])

(Go to Exit 8 and prepare to take a right.)

(Off to the right, you'll see some food vendors. Walk down the side walk that's off to the right of these food vendors)

(Walk straight, and you'll see an intersection with this eyeglasses store on the left.)

(Continue down this street.)

(On the next block, you'll see a Family Mart/CU on the right. Prepare to turn left.)

(This is what you'll see off to the left. Walk towards the building off in the distance with the big yellow store front.)

(Continue walking towards that building.)

(Again, keep walking towards that building and pass it. That building will be on your right.)

(You'll come to this intersection.)

(When you get to this intersection. Cross the street towards that CU.)

(Continue walking down this street, past the CU.)

(Keep walking. You'll pass this establishment, Cocaine.)

(You'll cross this little side street.)

(Keep walking past all the cafes and restaurants.)

(Then, you'll pass this wonderful little Sound Store. It's a great place to buy and try headphones.)

(Soon after, you'll see this little arrow sign on your left that leads up to CARPE DIEM.)

Carpe Diem
(The front of the building looks like this. It's above Free Heart.)

(If you continue for less than a minute, you'll come to another CU.)

Coffee Lab
(Just across the little side street is COFFEE LAB.)

Coffee Lab
(People enjoying the heated seats outside.)

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