Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phoenix Park 설날 (Lunar New Year) Trip

( Phoenix Park from our hostel window. )

Phoenix Park
02/09/2013 @ Phoenix Park [휘닉스파크]

During my four day holiday for Lunar New Year, I took an overnight trip to Phoenix Park. Parham and I woke up early and jumped on a bus at 8am to head out to the resort, but unfortunately Ryan didn't make it. He was supposed to come with, but got detained in Seoul the night before. It was a two or three hour bus ride. When we arrived, we hooked up with Erik, Tim, Drew & Justin. We promptly picked up our gear and checked into the hostel. Erik is a season pass holder, so everyone knows him, and we got great deals on rentals. All in all, the trip was only about 90,000won. We spent the entire day drinking and snowboarding. It was pretty fantastic. Unlike last time, I finally got the hang of snowboarding. I still ended up hurting quite a bit when it was a all said and done, but this time I at least got hurt having fun.

Sorry about the poor picture quality; none of us were in a state to take good pictures. Also, there are no photos of the actual snowboarding. If I had taken my camera on the slopes, it would be in a million pieces.

( Tim, getting bundled )

( Parham, showing us how awesome he is )

( Seems like Drew is doing the same )

( Erik, meditating? )

( Justin, laying around )

( Around midnight, we had a snack and drink break. )

( This is where we all start looking sober. Erik is example one. )

( Justin is example two. )

( Drew is example three. )

( I'm example four. )

( Size differences )

( Group photos were a necessity. )

( yep. )

( mmhmm. )

( almost done. )

( getting there. )

( finished. )

How to get to Phoenix Park:
Click on this link (Phoenix Park English Website) and book you bus tickets and hostel space. The bus picks up all over Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.

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