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Suji's New York Style Deli

Suji's New York Style Deli
2015.10.31 @ 이태원 [Itaewon]

This year's Halloween was a busy one. We woke up nice and early and headed out to the Han River for a Seoul Flyers 5k time trial. All of the runners dressed up in costumes to run, then a bunch of their kids (also in costumes) ran a super-fun little 1k. There were lots of treats and prizes. It was a fun run.

After the race, Nick, Matt, Jordan, Patty & I jumped in a cab and headed over to 이태원 [Itaewon] for brunch. We went to Suji's. I'd only been there once with my parents when they were in town, but we had gone so early that their full menu wasn't yet available; however, we still really enjoyed the bagels and coffee, so I was more the ready for a second visit. This time, the food was incredible. If you want to have amazing brunch, deli sandwiches, or morning treats, go to Suji's. You'll be so happy that you did. Click here for more information and a menu.

Later in the evening, we went out for Halloween fun, but that post will be up on Thursday.

Seoul Flyers 5k Time Trial

( Kids' Fun Run )

( This kid got very angry at me, because I told him that he was an awesome dragon. Turns out he wasn't a dragon at all, he was a crocodile... Kids are so touchy. )

( Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of us, because we were busy running. )

Suji's New York Style Deli

( Patty's Cobb Salad )

( Nick's Chicken Tenders )

( Matt's Hot Pastrami Sandwich )

( Matt )

( Breakfast Potatoes )

( Jordan & Matt )

( Patty )

( Jordan )

( My Cinnamon Apple French Toast )

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Itaewon Station [이태원역] (Seoul Subway Line 6) - Exit 4 or
Noksapyeong Station [녹사평역] (Seoul Subway Line 6) - Exit 3
Exit the subway and follow this map.

Suji's Directions
( Here's a map. )

Suji's Store
( This is what the building looks like. )

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