Monday, April 21, 2014

화로구이 - Honey Samgyeopsal [허니삼겹] within Suwon Hwaseong [수원 화성]

( 허니삼겹 )

화로구이 [Hwalo-gui]
2014/04/19 @ 수원 [Suwon]

This week, I will be focusing on Suwon. Ryan & Alyssa came out on Saturday, so we went down to the fortress for some exploring and food. This is one of the best 삼겹살 [Samgyeopsal] restaurants I've been to. The marinade the pork belly in honey, sugar & garlic. It's crazy good. If you're ever sightseeing at the fortress, walk down into 남문시장 [Nam-mun Market] for some shopping and excellent food.

( Ryan )

( Seating area )

( They bring out this cauldron full of coals to cook your meat. )

( Ryan & Alyssa )

( We ordered up three servings of meat. )

( Alyssa & I took turns cooking. )

( Paying up )

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How to get to 화로구이 [Hwalo-gui]:
Suwon Station [수원역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 4
My suggestion is to go out Exit 4 and hail a taxi. It would be less than 5,000won to go by taxi to Nam-mun. If it's a nice day, follow this map and go for a walk.

화로구이 Directions


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