Sunday, August 2, 2015

Camping Like in April

Camping Like
2015.04.10 @ 수원 파정동 [Suwon Pajang-dong]

After living in the same neighborhood for a few years, you find your favorite eateries. Here's another set of pictures from  Camping Like in my neighborhood.

( Ben ) 

( CJ )

( Evelynn )

( Some beer with the 반찬 )

( Ben & Tristan )

( One more of Ben )

How to get to Camping Like [캠핑라이크]
Sungkyunkwan University Station [성균관대역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 1
If you want more specific directions, you can email me, but I would suggest showing this map to a taxi driver. It should get you there.

Camping Like Directions

Camping Like
( Photo courtesy of Winter Story. )

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