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Erik's Dad in 명동 & 홍대 [Myeong-dong & Hongdae]

Erik's Dad in Korea #1
2015.05.09 @ 명동 & 홍대 [Myeong-dong & Hongdae]

Erik's dad came to Korea for a visit in May. The two of them did a lot of exploration, but I was able to meet up a couple times in one weekend. On that Saturday, we met up in Myeong-dong [명동], a big shopping district. Then, we headed over to Hongdae [홍대] for some drinks.

( Street Vendor )

( Ellen )

( Andy )

( Ken & Erik )

( Ben & Ellen )

( Ben )

( CJ & Andy )

( Amanda )

( Greg )

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How to get to Myeong-dong [명동]:
Myeong-dong Station [명동역] (Seoul Subway Line 4) - Exit 6
Go out exit 6 and everything is right there.

How to get to Hongdae [홍대]:
Hongik University Station [홍대입구역] (Seoul Subway Line 2) - Exit 9
Go out exit 9 and follow the people to the fun.

Hongdae Map

(This map has some fun spots on it. )

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Points of Interest in Suwon & Seoul

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