Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cantina del Sol in May

Another Visit to Cantina del Sol
2015.05.25 @ Hwaseo Oh-geo-li in Suwon [화서오거리 in 수원]

I know that the last few posts have been repeats of previous locations with different friends and newer teachers, but here is another trip to Cantina del Sol. I promise that there will be some new places in the near future.

( This was Ben's last trip to Cantina del Sol. )

( Matt "Kevin" )

( Nick )

( Tristan )

( Ben )

( Matt )

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How to get to Cantina Del Sol:
Hwaseo Station [화서역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 1
The easiest way to get to this place is to go to Hwaseo Station and take a taxi to Hwaseo O-geo-li. Tell the taxi driver, "Hwaseo O-geo-li-lo ka-ju-se-yo." [화서오거리로 가주세요.] You can also walk. Just follow this map.

Cantina Del Sol Directions
( Map to Cantina Del Sol )

( It looks like this. )

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Points of Interest in Suwon & Seoul

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