Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Semester Down at Avalon

Last day of Winter Semester
2/28~29/2012 @ Avalon - 수원

7 down, 2 to go. I always enjoy the last day of the semester. It's usually a little more laid back than other days, and we are able to have a little fun with the kids. But of course, it is a little bit sad. I tend to get really attached to my classes, and it's sad to send them off to other teacher. Here are some photos from my last day with this bunch.

( This time, I was also saying goodbye to Justin. : [ )

( Katrina in the classroom )

( Sophia & Amy )

( The boys were wild in this DA class )

( My other DA class; they were my preferred lower-level bunch. )

( I purposely let Irene win a game, so that she could goto the board. She was my favorite in this class. Shhhh. )

( Peter was a bit of a wildcard. Look at that face! You have no idea what he's thinking. )

( Sophie was the artist. )

( Justin was being pulled by a student. )

( Tim )

( Seo-hyun is super-smart. )

( Sue's adorable. )

( And Harry's goofy. )

( Chelice, with Sue and Winner )

( Seo-hyun, Chelice & Winner )

( The class, with 여림 )

( LA4, with me )

( This was the most badass GB class. The students were wonderful. )

( Hyun-bin, Yekang & Yi-jin: killer debate team! )

( This GI class was incredible, but as you can tell from Stella in the corner, she doesn't like her picture taken. )

( Strike a pose! )

( Harry, Julia & Jenny were determined to win this debate. )

( My smaller, but equally great, other GI class. Harry, on the right, is an amazing student. )

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