Friday, March 30, 2012

JC's Birthday & St. Patrick's Day

( Happy Birthday, Pal )

JC's Birthday
03/16~17/2012 @ 수원 [Suwon]

JC didn't want us doing anything crazy for his birthday, so we kept it local. After work, we went home to change into normal people clothes, then the CHAMP gang met up at a local 갈비 [galbi] restaurant. We ate, drank & moved the party to my apartment: Wii Party. It was wonderfully entertaining. I managed to stay relatively sober, because everyone else was so messed up. I was protecting my possessions from being drunkenly destroyed or vomited on. In the end, two people where walked and/or carried out of my apartment after having puked in the bathroom. The night was great, and my apartment was in tact. Come to think of it, we repeated this event the following Saturday for Josh's birthday. Happy birthday to Josh, too!

( Parham and his visitor, Charles )

( Katrina )

( JC )

( Harry )

( JC was giving Harry the tutorial... Like always. )

( Drew, as the sketch artist )

( Charles was flying, I think. )

( Harry was plastered. )

( JC & Katrina, in the rain )

( Parham was focused. )

( so was Tom )

( Katrina, in a blur )

( Katrina's gifts for JC )

( He got a memory card for his new camera. )

( The trash )

St. Patty's Day
3/17/2012 @ 신도림 [Sindorim]

Most of my friends opted out of celebrations for this holiday, but I was still able to meet Drew and some of his old friends in Sindorim for St. Patty's Day. We had some drinks at the big gathering, then went out to 이태원 [Itaewon] for dinner where we met up with Lina. After dinner, we called it a night and headed home. It was a pretty mild St. Patty's Day, but it was still nice.

( Drew & Myself )

( The festivities )

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