Tuesday, March 27, 2012

미타사 - Mitasa & Retro Night at Lao Bar

( The Avalon Gang )

First of all, sorry. I've been finding myself extra busy lately, and I haven't found much time to update my blog. BUT, here we go. I'm not going to lump well over a month's worth of photos and commentary into one blog post. I'm going to attempt to throw it all up little by little. The goal is give you something daily for a week. This sounds like a plan that is destined for failure before I've even begun, but I'm willing to put as much as possible into these updates and give it a go.

미타사 - Mitasa
02/04/2012 @ 미타사 [Mitasa]

This little temple visit was actually on the same day that I went out to Club Spot for the punk show, but these photos got left on a different memory card. The temple was nestled snuggly into the city. If you weren't paying attention, you could easily walk on by and miss it entirely. It was a short visit, but it was nice.

( Statue )

( Lantern )

( The main shrine )

( See, it melts into the city )

( I like this door )

( From the outside )

Retro Night
02/18/2012 @ Lao Bar - Suwon Station [수원역]

After a mild night out in 홍대 [Hongdae], I convinced Justin to come out with me to Suwon Station for a night with the middle school Korean teachers. It was retro night at Lao Bar. They were playing music that was popular in Korea from the 90s. It was quite entertaining to see the fashion that was hip back in the day and watch all of the people going crazy for the music.

( Felix, decked out in retro clothes )

( Nikita, Kate, Harry, Christine & Justin )

( Justin in a blur of lights )

( dancing )

( Nikita, cutting loose )

( Abel, showing off )

( Harry, throwing up gang signs )

( Harry & myself )

( The boys )

( The girls )

( Harry & Abel, my favorite Koreans in the office )

( Nikita, Christine & I )

( Christine's face is priceless in the photo )

( LAO )

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