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Gyeongju 경주 Trip - Part 2

Day 2
03/02/2012 @  경주 [Gyeongju]

( Octopuses at 경두 성동시장 )

경주 성동시장 -Gyeongju Market 
03.02.2012 - 경주 [Gyeongju]

We started the morning by heading into Gyeongju to find our ways to the Gyeongju National Museum. Chelsea and I became side-tracked and went to a really neat ally market. The rest of the group pressed on to the planned destination, but Chelsea and opted to meet up with them later. It was a pleasant find.

( It was early, and this woman provided us with caffeine. )

( Look at all these seeds and such for sale! )

( The Market )

( Pretending to buy some fish )

국립경주박물관 Gyeongju National Museum

After poking around the market, we went on a nice little walk down to the museum. Chelsea and I stopped at a 다방 (cafe for old people who sit around and smoke) for a nice cup of coffee. The decor was strange, but the people were friendly. After this, we finished our walk out to the museum. It was a decent museum, but all this considered, I'm not really a big fan of museums. Meh. Saw some neat things.

( Old-school Korean Flag )

( The Gyeongju Boy )

( The Gyeongju Girl )

( A pagoda in the courtyard )

( 안압지 Anapji model )

Golf [the drinking game]

It was a rainy day, and it wasn't pleasant to walk around seeing the sights. JC posed a wonderful idea: play a game. I explained the rules to a game that his dad had taught him. It was quite simple. You set a par for each establishment, and when you get a beer, every drink of beer is a stroke. We set a par four for every establishment. This meant that if you drank you beer in four drink, you got par; three: birdie ; two: eagle; one: obvious. We played a nine-hole round and had a good time. I won; JC:  second; Chelsea: third; Katrina: fourth; Drew: last. I was really fun.

( Bud, at a mart )

( Cass, at the Asian Market. They had pool! )

I think that it was around hole 7 when JC changed the rules a bit. We had a game that we would play to decide if we would go or do anything. The group of five would choose to throw either one finger or two. Whichever number was prominent was the decision maker. We were at a really terrible HOF with the worst waitress and drink selection (one Budweisers, one Gin and Tonic, one draft beer, 4 Cafris, and many Black Stouts) ever. Out of nowhere, JC asked for a vote. He said that he wouldn't tell us the rule unless the majority of us wanted it. Inevitably, the majority wanted the new rule. He said that the last one to reach Pizza Hut would receive a two stroke penalty. He dropped his money and ran out the door. Of course, nobody even questioned the rule, and everybody was in a mad rush to get out the door having paid. Drew was out next, but he went the wrong way. I blocked out Katrina and Chelsea and managed to make it out the door next. I turn left and the two girls where close behind me, but Drew managed to pass them, even though he was trailing from his mistake. I arrive Pizza Hut, which wasn't too far down, then Drew, then Chelsea. JC beat us all, obviously. We all wanted to know where Katrina was, but she had called JC and received bad advice. She trying to run down an ally and jump a fence. This resulted in a lost wallet, which was later retrieved. Was that confusing? I hope so, because it was very confusing for all of us too. I'm not even going to proofread this paragraph.

( Katrina, hole 8, Pizza Hut )

( Chelsea, hole 8, Pizza Hut )

( Katrina's glasses in the chicken bone bucket )

We finished hole 9 on the bus home. We were picked up, went back to JY pension, watch Iron Man 2, and went to bed. BEST SLEEP EVER!

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