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Deokjeok-do [덕적도]

Deokjeok-do [덕적도]
2013/10/26 @ Deokjeok-do [덕적도]

My coworkers and I have decided to make more trips out of the city and see more of the countryside and islands around Korea. This was our first attempt. The trip to 덕적도 was a learning experience. It was a lot of fun, but we definitely didn't make the best of it. We got out to the island a little too late to really enjoy the fact that we were on an island. We arrived in the afternoon, found a pension, and checked in. By the time all of this was accomplished, we had a short time to explore and find food. After eating it was already dark, so we made our own fun back at the pension and on the streets around the accommodation.  We just didn't really allow ourselves enough time to really see much. When the weather warms up, we have plans of making many more visits to islands around the country.

( Wyatt, striking a nice Zissou pose )

( The Beach Love Pension [didn't even stay here; just thought it was funny] )

( Russell )

( Wyatt, down by the beach )

( Russell & TJ )

( CJ )

( CJ & Russell )

( My four companions )

( One more )

( Wyatt )

How to get to Deokjeok-do [덕적도]:
1) Dongincheon Station [동인천역] (Seoul Subway Line 1) - Exit 2
Walk out exit 2 and look for a bus stop.
2) Take bus 12 or 24. Ask the bus driver if the bus is going to Yeonan Budu [연안부두].
          -You can also take a 10-15 minute taxi ride to Yeonan Budu (the ferry port)
3) Once you arrive at Yeonan Budu Ferry Port, buy a round-trip ticket to Deokjeok-do. It should be around 40,000 won. The ferries leave at 8am and 2:20pm, and the ride takes about one hour.
4) When you arrive, there will be a bunch of people waiting with vans to try to get you to stay at their pensions. It's super easy to find a place to sleep for reasonable prices.

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