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Seoul Land

Seoul Land
2013/10/12 @ 서울대공원 [Seoul Grand Park]

Back in October, on a whim, the pals and I made a little trip out to Seoul Land. It was my first time, and it was actually quite nice. It is much smaller than the other amusement parks in and around Seoul, but for this reason, there are far fewer people there. The longest lines we waited in were for the roller coasters, and they were still around twenty minutes. I'd definitely suggest it, if you're interested at all.

( The sky lift from the parking lot to the park )

( If you choose to walk, you can cross over that bridge. )

( Myself, on the lift )

( This amusement park has TRASH CANS! )

( The tilty house made me want to puke. )

( This panda bear was wonderful entertainment. )

( Wyatt )

( Russell )

( Me )

How to get to Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원] & Seoul Land:
Seoul Grand Park Station [서울대공원역] (Seoul Subway Line 4) - Exit 2
Walk out of exit 2 and continue to walk forward until you get to the tram-style train station. You can either take the train, or you can turn right and walk for about five minutes and take the sky lift. Bothe routes take you to the entrance of the zoo. If you take the train, the next stop is the Seoul Land amusement park.

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