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남산 (Namsan)

남산 (Namsan) Visit With 승민 (Seung-min)
2013/10/06 @ 남산 (Namsan)

I've been terribly lazy as of late, and this is my effort to get myself back into blogging. Work has been keeping the majority of my attention, but I have twelve events that haven't been posted, and I hope to have them all up within the next month. Wish me luck.

( Myself on one of the viewpoints )

( Another from a similar viewpoint )

( This man was kind enough to allow me sneak in amongst all the children for a photo. )

( 승민 [Seung-min] )

How to get to Namsan [남산] Tower:
Myeongdong Station [명동역] (Seoul Subway Line 4) - Exit 3
Take a left out of exit 3, and you'll see a little mart nearby. Just walk past that mart in the direction of Namsan Tower. If you follow that street, in about five minutes you'll be standing next to the cable car that can take you up the mountain. If you're interested in a little hike, take a right when you reach the cable car building, and just around the corner, you'll find a path to walk up the mountain. It's pretty easy, and it only takes about 15 or 20 minutes.

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