Thursday, February 27, 2014

End of "Fall 2013 Semester at" Avalon

Avalon Finishes, Lykeion Begins
2013/11/29 @ 수원 [Suwon]

I had been working at Avalon in North Suwon for about three years, but recently we've broken away from the hagwon giant and become a completely new hagwon called Lykeion Language Forum. All things considered, I'm happy about the switch.

Aside from all this, the end of the fall semester is always a sad time for me, because we lose all of our sixth grade students to our middle school program. I'd been teaching the kids in these photos for a very long time. In fact, a couple of these students have been in my classes for a total of three years.

( Little Nokiwon 2 )
[ Daniel, Jennifer, Annie, Jasmine, Rina, Lisa ]

( 다연 [Tina] & 정원 [Lisa] )

( 태헌 [Sam] )

( 윤주 [Jenny] )

( Little Nokjiwon 1 )
[ 태헌, 윤주, 정원, 다연 ]

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